November 23, 2014

Solar Power

Green Initiatives specialise in solar photovoltaics and offer a wide range of products from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. As an entirely independent solar energy company we can offer a choice of the latest in photovoltaic panels, at competitive prices and with full workmanship and product warranties.

For existing homes, solar panels are normally installed above the existing roof, on a metal framing system. Our solar consultants will determine the best method of installation for your particular circumstances, although solar panels make most energy if they are angled to the North at 25 to 30 degrees from the horizontal. However they still make a vast amount of engery if facing, east or west.

Solar panels can also be installed on flat roofs, or on free standing structures and should be positioned where they will not be shaded at any time of the day in order to generate the most electricity.

Solar panels are rated in watts  and contain a series of solar cells which are wired together to form the panels, which produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. To convert the power for use in the home the electricity is usually converted to AC (Alternating Current) by an inverter, which is an integral part of most grid-based solar panel systems.

To find out how much solar power you can be generating make an appointment today or call us on 1300 798 858